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Time Notes

Our lifespan is insignificant. During the dinosaur years, their were 370 days in a year. Now there’s only 365 days. Did you know that 1 billionth of the suns actual energy, hits the earth. To get out all the water in the world, it would take 46 years.. A supernova is when the sun explodes. But that wont happen for billions of years. The clouds in space look like dust particles and out clouds are actually water vapors. The energy released from space, pushes outwards. When gravity looses grip on our earth, it is called the dark energy. That includes all the oceans, seas, and lakes. The carbon cycle also pulls carbon dioxide into to the sea. It’s passed on as a food chain. The massive explosion of of heat is called a supernova. . Our universe is in no danger and we are also called “The Milky way”. Protons will slowly degrade. Another “Einstein” that is a scientist, is called Steven Hawkins


What prezi?

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