Google Forms

  • You can edit the confirmation message that people filling out your form see after submitting their responses. Click the More actions drop-down menu at the top-right of the form, and select Edit confirmation.
  • If you’ve edited a form and need to send it again, click the Edit and resend button in the lower-left corner of the Share tab.
  • e tool that I have found helpful in creating formative and summative assessments this academic school year is Google form , a free tool in the suite of Google Docs.  Google Forms allows you to create assessments that can be open-ended or objective in nature; you also can create survey style assessments in which learners respond to questions by ranking or rating their responsesd
  • It helps you have your things in order for example:
    • short answer text
    • paragraph or multiple paragraph text
    • multiple choice
    • checkboxes
    • a list of answer choices
    • scaled responses
    • a grid style response
  • The longer I teach, the more I seem to struggle with feeling as though I am designing and administering assessment tools that not only measure and reflect the content and skills a student is mastering.
  • I do recommend this to everyone, teachers and students because it helps you have things i order and it looks good for work and school things. Try it 🙂

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