What is Dropbox ?

drop box is a program where you can save your file in this ap and no more where are connected you will always have that file saved. so you won’t have to carry a USB arpund cause dropbox will hae you. So what happens if you delete a file in your Dropbox, well it gets deleted from all the other computers on your account too. Then there are shared folders. Sharing can be done between dropbox users, right click a folder in your dropbox and choose share and you can then invite another user to share it. Each one of you can put files in the folder for eachother, and you each have full access to the files. 🙂

so its pretty easy you just have to make a account and there yu have it. it pretty cool right? but it helps a lot when it comes to school because if you have a project and you lose your USB your in a big problem but with dropbox you don’t have to worry because thoes files will always be safe. 🙂 So that’s Dropbox, you’ve been dreaming about a service like this, one that makes it so easy you almost don’t have to think about it.


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