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Mid-term slide show


What is Evernote ?

Evernote is a app where you can take notes and save them on the internet. you can have your own account its better and easy. instead of carrying a notebook or losing your notes this apps save them notes and you can be sure they will always be there and they will never be lost notes. this is a new app that a lot of teachers even want to start using. lets just think of it as a internet notebook. School and Teachers already started using it. It has help a lot of students. visit the website (: I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.

What is the Internet ?

What is the internet ?
The internet is something everyone uses everyday.
You need a Agreement it only works if both agree to connect with each other.
Internet Protocol- are the rules and the set of standers.
the internet is defined a network of network that share each other.
inter-network= inter which is connection and Network= Computer which became one now its called the Internet.
IP adress= Internet Protocol which is a package.
Decentralized- Multipe path for informtion to travel to point A to B.
Internet Exchange- Where network connect
Peering- One computer sharing with another computer.
The internet is not own by anyone cause you are the internet.

Important People to me :)

Wordle: Important people to me (:
As you can see these are all the people that I really care about and are there for me no matter what yes we can sometimes get in little problems with each other but at the end of the day it don’t matter cause we understand each others. I care for them no matter what :-* Los Quiero 🙂

Julius Caesar

Wordle: Julius Caesar :)
Julius Caesar is trying to say that Don’t trust people because they’re not always being true to you. all those words I put up there is what I think happen in Julius Caesar and also happens in real life. Once again I used for te image Above 😛

My New Year Revolution (:

Wordle: My New Year Revolution
– This is my new Year Revolution and I know and believe in myself that I can do all these things if I put my mind to it. I want to be a better peson and care more about others and I wanna work out so I can look better for the summer. It could be hard to do some of these things but Im willing to try the risk 🙂 cause its better trying then just ghiving up and not trying. I made this amazing image on try it now best way to put little words together and look nice (: