what am I thankful for ?

I am thankful for my family and close friends which I love and I look up to them. They will always be there for me. Even though I had a bad past but they always believed I could change and be a better mirna and they were right cause I did and the number one person there for me was mi primas jacky & mari i love yous ❤ but I am thankful for the important people in my life I don’t know what I’ll do with all of yous. I thank my parents for being there always even in my worst. Los AMO ❤

I’m also thankful for the life I’m living with my parents love and care for me. they will never leave my side because they believe in me and I’m thankful they let me chase my dreams and they are there to support me and my dream. I’m also thankful for having the sweetest boyfriend ❤ and I thankful for being in a amazing school and teachers who help you. and last but not least I wanna thank god for letting me have all these amazing people in my life and given me a beautiful life te amo god (:


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