black friday :)

Whats is black Friday ?

Black Friday is popular as a shopping day for a combination of several reasons. In this day a lot of people will wake up early In the morning and make a line outside the store they want and every store has biggest sales and things will get taken quick so that’s a reason for everyone who wakes up at 1 in the morning . this day is called one of the biggest sale day in U.S.A.

What time will store open on black Friday ?

Well most of them will all open at 5:00 am but some might even opening earlier.

What is the origin of black Friday ?

During the holiday season  Back in the day when accounting records were kept by hand, all banks ran out of money and no one could change their checks and no had money so that’s when black Friday was created in U.S.A because that was one of the worst day in the america.

What is the history of black Friday ?

Well black Friday history is mostly about sale and a day where everyone buys persents for christmas and a santa is right around the corner day.

What does it mean to me ?

Black Friday is one of my favorite day because it means to me more shopping and there is going to be a lot of sale. I take black Friday as a go crazy sale day 🙂

What is cyborg  Monday ?

Cyborg Monday means it’s like black Friday but you shop online and there are a lot of crazy sells this is good because you won’t stand outside and wait. You just go online and shop for things but yu need to be quick for shopping online.

I think this a good sale because it hard to find apple things on sale. so people should take this chance and get the apples stuff. this is a good deal to all apple fans (:

you can check out black friday sale websites:

there are much more sale info online to check go take a look and find what you need (:


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