My Digital Images Edges and Borders

soft edges (:

This a soft borders which I used digital images. on the side it tells you all the things you can do with the pictures. I pressed on edges and there is alot of different things you can choose. so I choosed soft edges and thats how that picture got that edge. I picked this picture out cause it a really cute couple and love photography ❤

Highlighted edge (:

In this photo I used digital image which I went through the same steps but instead of clicking on soft edges I clicked on highlighted edge and the coolest part is that you can change the color edges its really fun and cool to play around with the colors. This photography is amazing cute its about little snow lovers I found it so cute I had to use it (:

This is a nice photography. To get the edges of photo I did use digital image it amazing how many things you can do. so I clicked on edges and I choosed stamped edges there are all kinds of style but I choosed sea shells as you can see in the photo because she near the sea in this photo. you can change things up with different style and change the color up. It's really cool and I know you'll have fun doing this cause I did (:

photo stroke

This is a photo stroke as you can see the edges are like spray paint. It’s really cool.  you can use digital cropping like I did. This is a good photograpy to use photo stroke. You can also change up the color for this one. I also choosed it cause I love tats and nails btw pink ! (:

stamped edges ❤

this is Art strokeI’m in love with shoes. but this photo has a edge of art stroke it really nice cause there is all kinds of style edges for art stroke. In this photo I use snow flakes because they’re wearimg boots and I thought it would look cool and cute. I did use digital image (: This is a good way to play around with photography(:  photo stroke (:

frames and Mats (:

In this photo I used a frame and as you can see you used a rope edges its cute because it goes with the bear. (: but I just went to digital image and went to edges and you click on frames and mats and then there is alot of different frames. Its cool cause there is alot of different things to play around with (: I choosed this photography is so adorable and sweet ❤


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