snip it folders

This is my snip it of my parent/ child relationship folders (:

parent folder

 This is called the parents folder. where I save all my work. Each class has its own folder so it won’t look a mess and its easier for me to find my work this is really important to have so things can have its own place things will get easier for you to find and with these folders there is no way you can lose and have trouble looking for your saved work.

My child folder

child folders

This is called a child folder because this is were all your work is saved. As you can see above the picture show how all the work I’ve saved are named and in order. This is whats inside tghe parent folder. Its really important to name  your work so you can know which is which. this is a easy away to find your work out going threw all your folders. Its just easy and faster. (:


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