My Favorite Assignment :)

My favorite assignment :-*

My favorite assignment was the cropping assignment because it was really fun and easy there was a lot to do but it showed you a lot of things you can do with the a power point all we had to do was crop and added effects and a lot of other things. This was an assignment that showed you how many things you might need to know to do a power point. This was just a good and fun assignment to learn and the best part we had a chance to share it with your class.

What I learned in this class & how can I improve my grader next quarter  (:
What I learned in this class was a lot of different thing which as cropping images, making the images move around and all kind of things. It’s really fun to learn all these kind of thing but what I like is that things get harder and harder in time. but that’s a good way of learning things of computer our teacher Mr. Andrade teaches us a lot of things but make them fun so, I learn a lot  but in a fun way. I believe that If I paid more mind to my work and stay on track with all the assignments I will improve my grade and make sure things are done in time. This will be hard but I will put my mind into it and I believe I will do just fine. (:

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