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Embed HTML video code into wordpress :)

This is my favorite song. I really like drake and his songs but this one is the best because it talks about what he feel and likes in a girl it just cute once you hear the lyrics ❤ but anyways what I did to post this video was I went on youtube and I press on share and then I click on embed and I got the link below and I press copy and paste it on to my wordpress. Its really easy. (:


what am I thankful for ?

I am thankful for my family and close friends which I love and I look up to them. They will always be there for me. Even though I had a bad past but they always believed I could change and be a better mirna and they were right cause I did and the number one person there for me was mi primas jacky & mari i love yous ❤ but I am thankful for the important people in my life I don’t know what I’ll do with all of yous. I thank my parents for being there always even in my worst. Los AMO ❤

I’m also thankful for the life I’m living with my parents love and care for me. they will never leave my side because they believe in me and I’m thankful they let me chase my dreams and they are there to support me and my dream. I’m also thankful for having the sweetest boyfriend ❤ and I thankful for being in a amazing school and teachers who help you. and last but not least I wanna thank god for letting me have all these amazing people in my life and given me a beautiful life te amo god (:

black friday :)

Whats is black Friday ?

Black Friday is popular as a shopping day for a combination of several reasons. In this day a lot of people will wake up early In the morning and make a line outside the store they want and every store has biggest sales and things will get taken quick so that’s a reason for everyone who wakes up at 1 in the morning . this day is called one of the biggest sale day in U.S.A.

What time will store open on black Friday ?

Well most of them will all open at 5:00 am but some might even opening earlier.

What is the origin of black Friday ?

During the holiday season  Back in the day when accounting records were kept by hand, all banks ran out of money and no one could change their checks and no had money so that’s when black Friday was created in U.S.A because that was one of the worst day in the america.

What is the history of black Friday ?

Well black Friday history is mostly about sale and a day where everyone buys persents for christmas and a santa is right around the corner day.

What does it mean to me ?

Black Friday is one of my favorite day because it means to me more shopping and there is going to be a lot of sale. I take black Friday as a go crazy sale day 🙂

What is cyborg  Monday ?

Cyborg Monday means it’s like black Friday but you shop online and there are a lot of crazy sells this is good because you won’t stand outside and wait. You just go online and shop for things but yu need to be quick for shopping online.

I think this a good sale because it hard to find apple things on sale. so people should take this chance and get the apples stuff. this is a good deal to all apple fans (:

you can check out black friday sale websites:

there are much more sale info online to check go take a look and find what you need (:

My Digital Images Edges and Borders

soft edges (:

This a soft borders which I used digital images. on the side it tells you all the things you can do with the pictures. I pressed on edges and there is alot of different things you can choose. so I choosed soft edges and thats how that picture got that edge. I picked this picture out cause it a really cute couple and love photography ❤

Highlighted edge (:

In this photo I used digital image which I went through the same steps but instead of clicking on soft edges I clicked on highlighted edge and the coolest part is that you can change the color edges its really fun and cool to play around with the colors. This photography is amazing cute its about little snow lovers I found it so cute I had to use it (:

This is a nice photography. To get the edges of photo I did use digital image it amazing how many things you can do. so I clicked on edges and I choosed stamped edges there are all kinds of style but I choosed sea shells as you can see in the photo because she near the sea in this photo. you can change things up with different style and change the color up. It's really cool and I know you'll have fun doing this cause I did (:

photo stroke

This is a photo stroke as you can see the edges are like spray paint. It’s really cool.  you can use digital cropping like I did. This is a good photograpy to use photo stroke. You can also change up the color for this one. I also choosed it cause I love tats and nails btw pink ! (:

stamped edges ❤

this is Art strokeI’m in love with shoes. but this photo has a edge of art stroke it really nice cause there is all kinds of style edges for art stroke. In this photo I use snow flakes because they’re wearimg boots and I thought it would look cool and cute. I did use digital image (: This is a good way to play around with photography(:  photo stroke (:

frames and Mats (:

In this photo I used a frame and as you can see you used a rope edges its cute because it goes with the bear. (: but I just went to digital image and went to edges and you click on frames and mats and then there is alot of different frames. Its cool cause there is alot of different things to play around with (: I choosed this photography is so adorable and sweet ❤

My Favorite Assignment :)

My favorite assignment :-*

My favorite assignment was the cropping assignment because it was really fun and easy there was a lot to do but it showed you a lot of things you can do with the a power point all we had to do was crop and added effects and a lot of other things. This was an assignment that showed you how many things you might need to know to do a power point. This was just a good and fun assignment to learn and the best part we had a chance to share it with your class.

What I learned in this class & how can I improve my grader next quarter  (:
What I learned in this class was a lot of different thing which as cropping images, making the images move around and all kind of things. It’s really fun to learn all these kind of thing but what I like is that things get harder and harder in time. but that’s a good way of learning things of computer our teacher Mr. Andrade teaches us a lot of things but make them fun so, I learn a lot  but in a fun way. I believe that If I paid more mind to my work and stay on track with all the assignments I will improve my grade and make sure things are done in time. This will be hard but I will put my mind into it and I believe I will do just fine. (:

Gmail labels

Gmail Filters & Labels
Gmail Labels

As you can see from the picture above every email I get are Label. This is a really easy way to Know what are the important things I get on my gmail such as my grades and assignments and I will know when its the teacher sending me the email. Its just easy for me to know what is what in my email.


snip it folders

This is my snip it of my parent/ child relationship folders (:

parent folder

 This is called the parents folder. where I save all my work. Each class has its own folder so it won’t look a mess and its easier for me to find my work this is really important to have so things can have its own place things will get easier for you to find and with these folders there is no way you can lose and have trouble looking for your saved work.

My child folder

child folders

This is called a child folder because this is were all your work is saved. As you can see above the picture show how all the work I’ve saved are named and in order. This is whats inside tghe parent folder. Its really important to name  your work so you can know which is which. this is a easy away to find your work out going threw all your folders. Its just easy and faster. (: