I think everyone needs their own privacy. the reason why I think everyone should is because we all need our own space and we need time for our own without people knowing what your life is and what you be doing no one should be up on you. its just call space and thats really important I love my space Ilike to keep my things to myself I hate people knowing what i do with my life because I dont care about how others are living their lifes and They shouldnt care how I live mine.  simple privacy is something I like to have and pretty sure others do too. Thats why No one should be involve in your life unless you agree for them to be in it.


My First Day of School

My first day of school I felt so excited because it was finally my Last Year!! I was so proud of myself that I made it to my last year in high school which made me really happy but then again I was scared because I knew I had so Many School work to face thuis year! That was one thing an d the other thing was Im pretty sad to leave high school because it finally my last time being a teenager at high school. But im pretty excited for this year and I hope I make it far. Ill work harder then ever to make sure I across The stage ! That’s My Goal ! Class 2014 🙂

Time Notes

Our lifespan is insignificant. During the dinosaur years, their were 370 days in a year. Now there’s only 365 days. Did you know that 1 billionth of the suns actual energy, hits the earth. To get out all the water in the world, it would take 46 years.. A supernova is when the sun explodes. But that wont happen for billions of years. The clouds in space look like dust particles and out clouds are actually water vapors. The energy released from space, pushes outwards. When gravity looses grip on our earth, it is called the dark energy. That includes all the oceans, seas, and lakes. The carbon cycle also pulls carbon dioxide into to the sea. It’s passed on as a food chain. The massive explosion of of heat is called a supernova. . Our universe is in no danger and we are also called “The Milky way”. Protons will slowly degrade. Another “Einstein” that is a scientist, is called Steven Hawkins

What prezi?

– Prezi is a good place were you can do amazing powerpoint and edit it with cool effect for exmaple you can add shapes, photos,videos and all kinda lof cool things. a lot of people use this for work and school. I think this is a good idea where you can crate something amazing and have a fun time doing it ! its a good website go visit now and make your powerpoint cooler and fun! at 

Range and Measures of central Tendency

Range : The difference between the greatest and the lowest values in a data set.

Mean: Average the sum of a set of data divide by the number of data (Mean=Averages)

Median: The middle value of a data set smallest to Biggest.

Mode: The most common value in a data set.

Outliers: there are extreme values that are separated from the rest of the data.

Quick Write Activity :)

It’s important to keep track of your Money because when you have track on everything you waste and save. I believe once you have track on what you waste and save you will have a great and easy way to keep track of your money.

Using math formulas

1- Excel calculates formulas the same way as school math. the order of precedence states which part of the formula you calculate first.
2- the order of precedence is important because the key formula that has an addition symbol and it will do multiplicaton first division second, addition thrid and subtraction last.
3- 5+2*3+7-4*3*3